This is why you shouldn't drink and drive

Obviously, the most important reason not to drink and drive is that you could kill yourself or someone else. Sometimes this risk isn’t enough to prevent people from doing it anyway. ‘It’s not a big deal,’ they think. ‘I do it all the time.” If that’s how you think, it may be good to have some other reasons not to drink and drive lay out before you.

For example, this video we highlighted last week portrays the financial and social reasons not to drink and drive. It depicts a guy who gets a DUI after trying to drive to a bar to meet his girlfriend.  He ends up racking up some serious expenses, losing his license, missing work, getting community service (which makes him too busy to see his girlfriend), losing his job for missing work too many times and getting dumped by his girlfriend. The point is to show the different ways in which drinking and driving can cost you.

Well, our video this week focuses on the people who are waiting for you to come home when you go out to drink, specifically your furry friends (How cute is that dog?) It’s okay if that wait is long in the even that you eventually make it back home. It’s devastating if the waiting never ends because you die due to a drunk driving accident.

This is one of Budweiser’s newest commercials against drunk driving, and it is awesome!


There are so many reasons not to drink and drive. If not for the risk of injuring or killing others, consider the potential negative effects it can have on your life. If not for your social life and bank account, don’t drink and drive because of the people who care about you before you make the decision. #YourFriendsAreWaiting. Make sure you make it home.

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