When you get hit with a DWI, the road in front of you seems long and complicate. In order to regain your driving privileges, you’ll have to fill out paperwork, attend classes and meet with attorneys and others involved in the process. Sometimes answers are hard to find, but they are out there. So we’ve put together a little 8-step guide to help restore your freedom to drive as quickly as possible after a DWI.

1. Conviction

2. Waiting Period Begins

Directly after your DWI conviction you will be unable to drive for a minimum of 45 days. You are not advised to install an ignition interlock device during this waiting period.

3. Alcohol Assessment and Classes

All drivers convicted of a DWI are required to complete an alcohol assessment and take a substance abuse class. You must complete these classes before your full license can be restored.

4. Working Vehicle and Up-to-Date Insurance

Make sure you have up-to-date insurance and a vehicle that is in good working condition. The vehicle can belong to somebody else, provided you have his/her written permission.

5. Waiting Period Begins

After your waiting period ends, you will be eligible to have an ignition interlock device installed.

6. Schedule an Appointment

Call 1-800-521-4246 to schedule your installation appointment. Your installation appointment should be made 48 hours before your waiting period ends. This will ensure your ability to have the location, time and date of your preference for installation.

7. Installation* and Training

Your ignition interlock device will take between one and two hours to install. During that time, you will watch a training video and receive personal instructions on how to operate the device from a certified technician.

8. File Your Paperwork

After your installation, you will need to take your paperwork to the proper agency to obtain your limited driving privilege.

*Remember to bring your vehicle registration and another licensed driver to your installation appointment.

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