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Brochures, forms, and training manuals are available below to download as PDF files.


How the Process Works

Installing your Monitech system.

You should call Monitech at (800) 521-4246 as soon as possible to schedule your ignition interlock installation appointment.

Please have the following information and documents handy when you call Monitech:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Full name as shown on the license
  • Home address
  • Home telephone number
  • Work telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Agency ordering interlock (DMV hearing officer, judge, or voluntary)
  • Year, make and model of vehicle
  • Pen and paper to take notes concerning your appointment

Installing and training will take one to two hours. We’ll give you a user’s manual and a demonstration ignition interlock for practice. A technician will be available to go through the manual with you and to assist in learning the testing technique. You may also download the User’s Manual from this website.

You will be able to practice and ask questions for as long as is necessary for you to feel comfortable with the system.

Monitoring your Monitech system.

Every two months, you’ll need to return to your Monitech Service Center for a monitoring appointment. At that time, a technician will download data from your ignition interlock device, which has continuously recorded drive time of the vehicle, BAC (blood alcohol content) results for each test, any attempted circumvention and any test failures. Certain violations of the test procedure will initiate early recall to the service center and possible revocation.

Monitoring appointments usually last between 15 to 20 minutes. Please try to arrive on time, since many other clients will also have appointments on this day. If you will be more than 10 minutes late or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact Monitech at 1-800-521-4246.

At your monitoring visit, you’ll be expected to pay for the next two months’ lease fees as well as any outstanding balances for service calls, etc. Payment may be made by cash, personal check, Visa or MasterCard.

If your Monitech system needs service.

If service is needed, you can drive your vehicle to the nearest Monitech Service Center. If the vehicle cannot be driven, you may elect to have it towed (at your expense) to the service center instead of dispatching a service technician to your home or other vehicle location. Please note that when a technician is dispatched to a location outside of a service center, mileage charges and service fees may apply.

A technician will download all information from the control module, which will inform him of the reason for the difficulty. If the defect is covered by warranty, there will be no charge for this service. If the issue is not warranty related, then standard service fees will apply.

At the time of service, payment will be collected. Payment may be made by cash, personal check, Visa or MasterCard.

When your interlock program ends.

After successful completion of your interlock restriction, the Division of Motor Vehicles will either issue you a new unrestricted license or the restriction date for the ignition interlock requirement will have passed. You’ll need to schedule a de-install appointment at your Monitech Service Center and present either of these documents to the service technician upon arrival.

Once proper documentation is presented, the ignition interlock device will be removed and documented as an End of Program (EOP) removal. If you do not have this documentation when you arrive, Monitech will still remove the device at your direction, but it will be documented as a voluntary removal.

More about a voluntary removal.

As the owner and/or operator of the ignition interlock vehicle, you may of course request  removal of the ignition interlock device at any time. Monitech will schedule an appointment for removal at the service center of your choice at no cost. You may also opt to have the unit removed at your home or other location for a charge of $35.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours), plus mileage and any additional charges that may be incurred.  Upon removal, it is very important to note that Monitech is required to immediately report such action (interlock removal or disconnect) to the proper adjudication agency (normally DMV).

If you have not met the service requirements of the proper adjudicating agency (normally DMV or the Courts), you may be in violation of your restricted license, limited privilege, or conditionally restored license. In most cases, the interlock removal date is clearly noted on your state-issued driving privilege.

Any consequences of such a voluntary removal and subsequent Monitech report to DMV or other agency is the sole responsibility of the interlock customer. If the adjudicating agency (normally DMV) determines additional interlock service time is required, then additional ignition interlock installation and lease fees are incurred.

If caught driving without the ignition interlock installed vehicle, the interlock-required customer may be subject to loss of license and/or other restrictions or punishment.

In most cases, the ignition interlock removal date is clearly noted on your state-issued driving privilege.  If there is any doubt, please consult with Monitech or confirm with the proper agency that your ignition interlock may be legally removed without ramification.”

What happens if there’s a problem or I have questions about my Monitech system?

Monitech has a toll-free customer service line (800) 521-4246 that is available during normal business hours to answer questions and to assist you with any difficulties you may have with the operation of your interlock system. Before calling, please:

  • Write down the exact nature of the problem and observe the lights on the front of the interlock device.
  • Indicate which lights are solid and which are flashing, then mark the exact lights on the line drawings in the back of the user’s manual.
  • Try to remember any tone you hear.
  • If the vehicle will start, but you are still having difficulties with the device, an appointment will be made for you to drive the vehicle to the nearest Monitech Service Center for repair. If there is a defect in the ignition interlock, there will be no charge for this service.
  • If the vehicle will not start, you’ll have the option of towing the vehicle to the nearest Monitech Service Center (at your expense), or a service call may be requested to your location within North Carolina. This service call will be initiated within 24 hours. Again, if there is an actual defect in the ignition interlock, there will be no charge for this service. If there is not a defect that is covered by warranty, you will be charged at the standard rate.
Teaming up to keep roads safe

At Monitech, we’re committed first and foremost to highway safety. That’s why we work closely with state agencies, law enforcement and the courts to supply and maintain BAIID systems that meet or exceed existing standards, that are reliable and that deter offenders from operating their vehicles when they’re out of compliance with BAC limits.

Not only do we strive to maintain the highest tolerances in systems in use, but Monitech engineers are at work constantly to improve our products to meet and often exceed the latest national and state standards and specifications.

So, whether you’re a client of ours or an enforcement official, you can have confidence that every Monitech system is the best available.

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