About Monitech Ignition Interlock

Monitech Ignition Interlock

Monitech, LLC. provides a fully integrated ignition interlock device program including manufacturing, installation, service and comprehensive monitoring and reporting. Founded in 1989, Monitech partnered with North Carolina to create the state’s original ignition interlock program. Today, Monitech serves customers from all 100 counties in North Carolina, and it does so through industry-leading technology, a statewide network of service centers and a team of full-time certified technicians located within 50 miles of any North Carolina citizen.

Our Quality Promise: We will take ownership of the total customer experience, providing accurate, timely and reliable services enabling our customers to successfully complete their programs.



Monitech Customer Testimonials

“The Monitech ignition interlock device teaches you to think twice before you drink and drive.” ~ Sarah, Durham client

“[Having] the Monitech device is how I learned my lesson. If I kept going down the path of drinking and driving I could have killed someone.” ~ Mitchell, Greensboro client

“I believe that the Monitech device is a great deterrent. I would never want to have it in my car again.” ~ Tim, Raleigh client

“The Monitech ignition interlock device saved my life. It was the wakeup call I needed before the alcohol killed me.” ~ Susan, Wilmington client

“The service centers are wonderful to work with. They get you in and out as quickly as possible.” ~ Derek, Greensboro client

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