The Monitech Ignition Interlock Device

The Monitech QuicTest has helped set the standard of excellence in the ignition interlock device industry. Its next-generation fuel cell technology accurately tests for one thing: ethanol (Found in beer, wine, and liquor).

Monitech engineers and manufactures its ignition interlock devices right here in Morrisville, North Carolina. These devices prevent a vehicle from operating if your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit established by the state. These ignition interlock devices are reliable and deliver accurate readings under every condition, so when you need to jump in your car and run an errand or get to work, you can count on getting there.


Features of the QuicTest device:

Ethanol Specific

Next generation, fuel cell sensor technology increases accuracy & eliminates errors.

Adjustable Sample Volume

For persons with breathing difficulties. If approved by the state of North Carolina, we can build you a custom device to make it easier to take tests.

Visual Alerts

Optional flashing status indicator to prevent missed tests. This LED indicator will flash if the device wants your attention. Great for those who love their windows down and music blaring!


Text and voice messages (English or Spanish).

Vehicle Mechanic Mode

For easy vehicle servicing. Don’t want to have to sit around all day taking required tests while your vehicle is being serviced? Our device has a mechanic mode to allow repair or servicing of your vehicle without you there!

Remote Lockout Override

If needed, we can reset the device for you with a simple code, delivered over the phone.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to handle case design makes it easy to take tests while operating your vehicle.

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