Alcovisor MARS BreathalyzerIf the surveys are correct, about 90 percent of you are still out there trying to figure out good holiday gifts for at least some of your friends and family.

Here’s an idea for any over-21 who drives and has a drink at least occasionally: a personal breathalyzer.

Give Peace of Mind

A personal breathalyzer can give a driver peace of mind. If you’ve been drinking, you need to wait until all the alcohol is out of your system before you can drive. True, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08 percent (except in Utah, where it’s .05), but in fact, .06 or .07 is still very impaired, and you should not drive if your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is anywhere near that level. In fact, it’s known that there is no safe level for alcohol in the system when driving.

A good, reliable breathalyzer can let you know when it’s safe to go. They’re a “must have” wherever alcohol is being served.

Choose Your Breathalyzer Well

You’ll want an alcohol screening device that is NHTSA certified – not just NHTSA compliant, which is not the same thing. Monitech recommends the Mars and Satellite from Alcovisor, who make alcohol-detection equipment for law enforcement, and so use the same technology that is approved for police use. Since you’re trying to avoid an encounter with the police, it makes sense to be using the same standards of accuracy that the police will use if they pull you over.

Calibration For Continued Accuracy

A lot of companies make breathalyzers that lose their accuracy after a while, and are then worse than useless. Choose a unit that can be calibrated, as police units are, so you will always get an accurate reading.

A breathalyzer is a great gift: it can keep your loved one safe and out of trouble. This holiday season, consider popping over to the Monitech shopping page and spreading some good cheer – in the form of happy, sober drivers – on the roads this holiday season.

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