Monitech is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) through March 20, 2015. This partnership is designed to help each organization progress its core mission. For Monitech, that mission is making North Carolina roads as safe as possible for all drivers. The NCAJ, now 4,000 members strong, is committed to protecting people’s rights through legal education and championing for individual rights.

As part of this partnership, Monitech will be sponsoring multiple Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs put on by the NCAJ throughout the following year. Some of these programs include the annual NCAJ Convention at Sunset Beach and the NCAJ mid-year conference, Mountain Magic. Monitech will also sponsor two NCAJ DWI programs throughout the year. In addition to the CLE programs it puts on, the NCAJ also hosts live seminars. Monitech will be present at four of these events, equipped with educational material for lawyers covering everything they need to know about the ignition interlock industry.

We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to partner with this highly respected organization whose track record for protecting people’s rights and educating legal professionals is unparalleled in our state.

For more information on the NCAJ, visit their website. A full schedule of their CLE events can be accessed here

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