This past Saturday, hundreds came out to Dorthea Dix Park in Raleigh, NC to Walk Like MADD, an annual 5k fundraiser hosted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapters across the country. This probably goes without saying, but although everyone who walked or ran did so to support MADD’s fight against drunk driving, many walked for reasons far more personal.

Saundra Dockery walks in memory of her daughter, Tiffany, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver as she was crossing the street. Saundra walks to honor that vibrant and beautiful life, to help other mothers maintain their dreams of watching their children grow up and flourish.

Monitech walks for Darren Jones (pictured above), the son of Monitech Supervisor of Production and Shipping/Receiving Alice Jones. Darren was seventeen when he sacrificed his life to save another from an oncoming drunk driver. Prior to this post, we asked Alice if we could include Darren’s story. This was her response,

Someone reading the [post] might make the decision not to drink and drive, which in turn, could mean a saved life as well as a family not having to face what we have had to face…Hopefully Darren’s story will continue to save lives by making people think about drinking and driving.”

It’s because of the lives of those like Tiffany and Darren that more and more people continue to stand up against drunk driving and support the missions of organizations like MADD. And this year’s Walk Like MADD is a perfect example of that growth in support.

It was the most successful Walk Like MADD event North Carolina has ever had, bringing out 370 registered walkers, including 85 Monitech employees. This made up an increase of 229 walkers from 2013. Fundraising also increased significantly from last year (by $13,558.91), totaling $40,137.03 on race day with more expected to come in during June. It was an awesome event to be a part of and a great reminder of the impact drunk driving has on our communities.

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