Halloween on saturday means more drunk drivingA law firm in Scottsdale is warning people that their business might increase next week – and that’s not a good thing. The Corso Law Group has issued a statement letting people know that drunk driving arrests skyrocket whenever Halloween falls on a weekend. This year the holiday falls on a Saturday, meaning that a lot of adults will be donning costumes and drinking more than their share.

And that’s fine, but too many people decide to drive after drinking. “When this type of event takes place over a weekend,” says Christopher Corso, the group’s founder, “people are more willing to drink and drive, which creates a dangerous situation on Arizona roads.”

Statistically, weekends are worse for fatal alcohol-related collisions, and Saturday nights are worst of all. As a result, DUI patrols will be out in force, making sure that anyone who tries to drive impaired will be pulled over and booked.

As DUI lawyers, the Corso Law Group knows what to expect next week. We hope that drivers do too, and they follow some simple guidelines:

  • Plan how you’ll be getting home after your Halloween party
  • If you are too impaired to drive, call a taxi or friend, or use a rideshare app
  • If you see someone else driving drunk, call it in
  • Don’t let your friends drive if they’ve been drinking

Happy Halloween!

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