There are two big reasons for avoiding drunk driving in Arizona or anywhere else. The first is that it’s extremely dangerous. The second is that if you’re caught, you’re in for a miserable time from law enforcement and the courts.

In May Southern Arizona is adding some extra weight to the second reason: the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force is stepping up operations for the month, adding saturation patrols every weekend. The patrols will be on the lookout for impaired drivers on the roads and streets.

Why May? Three things happen this month that, unfortunately, give rise to increased numbers of DUI drivers:

  • Cinco de Mayo. This one’s already happened, and it’s a good thing the patrols were there. According to news reports a number of the drivers arrested had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 3.0 – that’s almost four times the legal limit, and a truly frightening level of intoxication for anyone operating two tons of steel at highway speeds.
  • Graduations. It’s a big thing to graduate from high school or college. But as we know, young brains, though full of knowledge from school, are not fully formed. One of the key areas in which under-25s remain deficient is judgement, and that can lead to bad decisions like drunk driving. Add that to teens’ and twentysomethings’ feeling of invincibility, and it’s easy to see why that age group is over-represented in DUI statistics.
  • Memorial Day. A three-day weekend is big in hardworking America, and the prospect of a barbecue on a warm day will probably include large amounts of beer. If people plan properly it shouldn’t lead to a drunk driving arrest, but for many people it does.

You don’t need any more reasons to give drunk driving in Arizona a pass. But if you have any friends or relatives who are short on good judgement, remind them that they have a better chance of landing in jail, paying large fines, having an ignition interlock requirement, and getting a DUI on their record this month. Maybe it’ll prevent an arrest – or a tragedy.

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