Monitech’s contact center representatives have used their combined 50+ years of experience to turn their contact center into one of excellence. What sets them apart?

  • Sales, support and field teams work as one unit to produce a seamless customer experience.
  • The contact center, located at Monitech headquarters in N.C., is local, which allows contact center reps to be privy to statewide affairs as well as provide answers in a timely fashion.
  • By cross training contact center team members with field technicians, Monitech has cut down on customer issues and made hand-offs between the two seamless. Monitech holds regular meetings between field and contact center staff with the purpose of identifying areas for improvement and creating plans to improve these areas.
  • Performance metrics are based on quality of delivery, not on quotas or other arbitrary measures. Our ultimate goal is to help the customer to the extent we are able to. For this reason, Monitech does not hold contact center staff to strict call times that would force them to rush phone calls. While this may extend wait times a little bit, we feel doing this gives the customer a better experience overall.

Feel free to call the contact center at any time: 800.521.4246


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