If you missed Parts 1 and 2 of this series, my name is Bryce Little and I’m the Market Coordinator for Monitech. My job is to educate attorneys and alcohol assessment counselors on ignition interlocks. Over the course of this past year, I’ve received hundreds of questions about ignition interlocks. Now, it would’ve been hard to post every one of them here (See our FAQs page), so I’ve trimmed the list down to the top ten, and I’m answering them all in this three part series. This post is the final in of the series and addresses questions 3-1.

3. Can program participants get their interlock serviced at any North Carolina location?

Yes. Monitech ignition interlock devices can be serviced at any of our 30 service center locations. For up-to-date service center hours and locations, check out our store locator.

2. Can an ignition interlock be installed on older vehicles?

Under most circumstances, an ignition interlock can be installed on any vehicle that operates with a 12-volt electrical system. However, since the ignition interlock monitors a number of vehicle functions, especially the alternator and charging system, the electrical system must meet certain minimal standards. On the day of installation, if the Monitech technician finds that a vehicle does not meet the minimal standards, the difficulties will be pointed out and a second appointment date will be established at no extra charge.

1. What if a client’s car is registered under someone else’s name?  

If the vehicle is not registered in the client’s name, it is necessary to provide a notarized Permission Letter from the owner. This letter is available for printout on our website under the Resources section. If the owner of the vehicle will be present at the time of installation, he or she may sign the permission letter at that time (without the need for notarization).

I hope you found these answers helpful. If you have any other questions regarding ignition interlocks, feel free to contact me.

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Top Ten Interlock Questions Answered: Part 2
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