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In the midst of the uncertainty of COVID-19, rest assured that Monitech® is focused on conducting business as we always have – focusing first and foremost, on the safety and well-being of our clients, employees, and service center technicians. All of us at Monitech remain committed to maintaining your ability to drive safely and to help you remain compliant with your alcohol monitoring program during this challenging time. Here is how we are doing it!

We’re Open For You! We intend to stay open to continue to deliver on our commitment to you and to public safety, and we are working closely with your state officials and monitoring agency as the situation evolves. Here’s what we are doing to help:

  • The vast majority of our service locations are open and are ready to install or service devices. If you have not been contacted directly about your appointment, you can assume your location is open and your appointment is confirmed. Just show up as you normally would.
  • You can be confident that our Authorized Service Providers are taking extended measures to ensure safety for our participants as well as for themselves.
  • The Contact Center is open 24/7 to answer any questions you may have; particularly about service appointments and extended service windows (800-521-4246).
  • Our website has up-to-date information surrounding COVID-19 changes and helpful FAQs making necessary information available at your fingertips – information is updated as conditions change. This is a great page to bookmark!
  • We are in constant contact with state judicial and government entities, as well as monitoring agencies in order to provide support to them as changes are made on the state level.

The Monitech team will continue to monitor all COVID-19 updates, and will respond based on the advice of government agencies, public health authorities, and medical professionals. We’ve got this!

What should you do? You can remain committed to continuing through the process of your alcohol monitoring program and rely on our support to help you along the way. We’re committed to the successful compliance of our clients, even in these difficult times.

For updated information regarding COVID-19 and your ignition interlock device, our FAQ page can provide answers.


Ignition interlock providers in every state get calls regularly asking, “Can I put an interlock device on my motorcycle?” In most states the answer is no, but North Carolina bikers can install ignition interlocks on motorcycles and keep moving on two wheels. Here’s what you need to know

Yes, You Must Install One On Your Bike

If you have an ignition interlock requirement in North Carolina, the mandate applies to all vehicles registered to you. So if you have, say, a car and a motorcycle registered in your name, you must put an interlock on both if you intend to use both. The alternative, if you wish to give up riding for the duration of your interlock period, would be to de-register the bike.

Take note: if you register the bike in someone else’s name – a spouse, say – you still cannot ride it unless there is an interlock on the bike. In North Carolina an ignition interlock restriction applies to any vehicle you drive.

Rule One: Pull Over for Re-Tests

The demands of motorcycle riding are unique, and you need to make some accommodations if you have an interlock on your bike. Most important: when you get a signal that it’s time for a re-test, you must pull over to perform the test. This is a vital safety precaution, and is non-negotiable. In a car it’s a simple matter to take a breath test while driving. You can keep a hand on the wheel and your eyes on the road. But motorcycles demand two-handed control, so there are no rolling re-tests, as in a car: it must be a side-of-the-road re-test.

Weather and Your Ignition Interlock

As a motorcyclist, you’re more aware than most of the weather. Ignition interlock devices are durable, but they’re not weatherproof. If you leave your bike outside, your device can get exposed to the elements. This could cause problems with your device. Always remember to bring your handset inside when you park your bike in the open air.

Happy Riding

Ignition interlocks are designed to enable driving, not restrict it. At Monitech we’re dedicated to keeping you on the beautiful roads of North Carolina, while making those roads safer for everyone. To everybody in the state with ignition interlocks on motorcycles: we wish you happy and safe riding. To learn more about ignition interlocks in North Carolina, call Monitech at 800-521-4246. The roads are out there, waiting for you.


For most people, getting an ignition interlock is a new experience. Chances are, if you’re required to install an interlock in North Carolina, you’ve got some questions. You’ll find a lot of answers at the Monitech website. But sometimes some pretty specific questions come up, and it’s worth repeating them. Here are some of questions we hear from prospective customers:

Can I install an ignition interlock on a motorcycle? Yes! North Carolina is one of a very few states that permit ignition interlocks on motorcycles.

Can someone else take my vehicle in to install the interlock? No. If you’re the one with the ignition interlock requirement, you need to be present for the installation.

Do I need to be the registered owner of the vehicle to get an ignition interlock put in? No. You can have it installed in someone else’s vehicle (say, a spouse or parent) as long as the third party signs a form agreeing to it. Monitech will provide you with the form.

If it’s really cold, can I disconnect the handset and bring it inside at night? If it’s a Monitech handset, the answer is Yes – they are detachable. It’s a good idea because extreme cold can cause a delay in starting.

I lease my vehicle. Can I install an ignition interlock on it? Yes. You’ll want to notify the leasing company, but it’s fine with us.

I’m under 21. Can I get an ignition interlock? Yes. If you legally drive a vehicle, we can put an interlock on it.

I drive a commercial vehicle. Can an ignition interlock be installed on it? Yes. If you drive for an employer, you should notify them first.

Got more questions? Give us a call.

If you have any other questions about using or installing an ignition interlock in North Carolina, give Monitech a call at 800-521-4246. We’ll get you on the road quickly.


If you’ve just been ordered to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle, you probably have some questions. One of the most common is: will my wife (or husband) be able to use my car after the interlock is put in?

Anyone Can Use an Interlock-Equipped Vehicle

The answer is that anyone can use a vehicle on which an ignition interlock has been installed. You just need to make sure of two things:

  1. The person using the vehicle needs to know how to operate it. That means the proper volume of breath and the right “hum” tone. Sometimes an interlock takes a bit of getting used to. At Monitech we’ll be happy to train anyone who uses your vehicle in the operation of the interlock device, at no charge.
  2. More important, you are responsible for any failed tests that occur with the interlock. So if you lend the car to a friend who fails the test due to drinking, you could be hit with the violation.

Knowing this, it’s important to allow a vehicle with an ignition interlock installed to be used only by people you know, and whom you trust to drive while sober. The device records every test and every driving session, but according to most state laws, the one ordered to install the interlock is the one to whom violations will be counted against.

Apart from exercising some caution about whom you let use your vehicle, there’s not much to owning and driving an interlock-equipped car. The purpose of the device is not to restrict but to enable – it enables motorists who are alcohol-free to go about their lives and drive where they want, legally and safely.

The answers to all your other ignition interlock questions here.

Happy driving to you and your spouse!


We’re the first to admit that having an ignition interlock takes a bit of getting used to, though the most advanced devices are designed to be accurate and easy to use. At the very least, you’re adding a new habit – the breath test – to the ritual of driving a car.

Some people wonder what happens if you’re out in traffic, and for some reason, your vehicle stalls. Will you be forced to stop and take a breath test out in the middle of an intersection, while people honk at you?

Stall Protection to the Rescue

The answer is no. If you’re using a Monitech ignition interlock, you have built-in stall protection. If you stall the device gives you two minutes to re-start the vehicle before you have to take a test. That’s plenty of time to get going again.

With a Monitech ignition interlock device, the procedure is simple. If you stall, just turn the ignition switch off and then start the car as you normally would. Even if you stalled during a test request – while the device was requesting a rolling re-test – you can still start after a stall.

Keeping You on the Road

Stall protection is an example of a feature which helps Monitech ignition interlocks do what they’re designed to do – keep you rolling. Once you’ve regained your driving privileges, an ignition interlock isn’t there to prevent you from driving – it’s there to make sure you stay on the road, safely, legally, and a hundred percent sober – every day.

Driver worried about Arizona ignition interlock violations Arizona gives drivers with a drunk driving conviction the chance to regain their driving privileges with an ignition interlock – a device which prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking.

Most offenders do well in Arizona with the device: statistics show that ignition interlocks reduce recidivism, and most first-time DUI offenders do not reoffend after they’ve been in the ignition interlock program.

However, violations do occur, and the consequences are serious, so if you have an interlock device you should know if you’re in violation of the program. Here are the 5 ways that DUI offenders rack up Arizona ignition interlock violations:

Not installing the interlock

This is one of the more common violations, and the most needless: not installing an ignition interlock if you are ordered to. Once your driving privileges are reinstated, you have 30 days to have the interlock installed. Driving without an ignition interlock is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Violators can have their ignition interlock requirement extended for an extra year.


Tampering with an ignition interlock is not only illegal: it almost never works, and is always detected. Even if you were to find a way to disable or bypass the mechanism, the data would reveal that driving was being done without testing. The result would be another offense on the record.


Getting a passenger to breathe into the ignition interlock, or otherwise circumvent the device, is illegal, and will result in longer suspension and interlock period.

Failing the breath test

If you attempt to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit, you’re in violation of your interlock program.

Driving without the device

If you’re under interlock restriction, you’re not allowed to operate a vehicle without an ignition interlock device except in cases of emergency.

This might seem like a long list, but it boils down to a simple rule: use the interlock correctly and don’t drink and drive, and Arizona ignition interlock violations won’t be a problem – you’ll get through the and can move on.

Good luck!

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