Today’s short but sweet (and hilarious) post comes to us from fellow ignition interlock provider, LifeSafer. Though hard to believe, apparently some fun people in Germany filmed a fake newsreel feature about a gadget that would detect alcohol on the breath and prevent a person from driving. In other words, an ignition interlock spoof. Let your creative mind ponder the possibilities. It’s unlikely you’ll come up with the same ideas as these folks.

According to this short film, the spoof device dates from 1960 and amounts to an early version of an ignition interlock. The “Alkoholomat,” as the sci-fi device is called, has functions that go beyond anything available in the market today. Far beyond. Instead of just preventing the intoxicated man from driving, it…well, watch the video and find out for yourself.

The spoof device supposedly originated from the “Department of Inventions Somebody Ought to Invent.”  Talk about innovative. We’re on it.


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