By this point, you’ve probably gotten the point. The world of ignition interlocks comes along with its own set lingo and jargon that can be hard to understand. So we’ve devoted a few posts to decoding the language of the interlocks. We hope this glossary of terms for our QT device comes in handy.

Start Test – The breath test taken to allow you to start your vehicle.

Stall Protection – A two-minute period of time after the engine is turned off for any reason (including engine stall). It allows for an immediate restart without the need to take a Start Test. This ensures the driver is able to quickly move from an unsafe location (i.e. railroad tracks, a busy intersection, etc) in the event of an engine stall.

Temporary Lockout – A short period of time, either five or 30 minutes, in which starting a vehicle is not permitted. This occurs after a failed Start Test. The first failure will normally result in a five minute lockout. If the next test is also a failure, the next lockout, and any following, will be for 30 minutes.

Visual Alert Device (VAD) – This is a small flashing light that can be installed (as an option) on a vehicle’s dashboard for hearing impaired interlock users. This will alert the user (who may not hear the audible prompts and messages) that new information (text), which requires their attention, is being displayed on the device’s screen.

Warning – Any caution message the device issues due to a user error or upcoming violation. These include the detection of a level of breath alcohol above your set Fail  Level, accidentally trying to start your vehicle before taking a test, driving your vehicle close to a restricted drive time (if applicable) and a variety of other events.

For additional information on our QT device, check out our QT Interlock Device User Manual.

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