Ignition interlocks are installed through a vehicle’s electrical system. But every vehicle is different. Trucks are different from sedans, which are different from hybrid cars. Even different editions of the same car can be different. For example, let’s say a particular make and model was released in 2007. Then in 2010, a newer version was released. Even though from the outside the two editions look the same, their internal wiring could be completely different. This means ignition interlock service technicians must be extremely knowledgeable.

This knowledge doesn’t just come out of thin air. It requires a lot of time and money to be invested into researching how to most effectively install the ignition interlock device without damaging the vehicle. Ignition interlocks work by disabling a vehicle’s starter/starting system. Starting systems have become much more diverse and complex among different vehicles. Let’s say we’re talking about a luxury car whose engine is located in the back. It requires an entirely different approach than a vehicle with a traditional starter. Another example of a starting system innovation that makes installations tricky is the explosion in popularity of push-button ignition switches.

But hybrid cars are the most challenging. For one thing, there are more computer onboard systems and wires. This is because there is both a motor and an electric engine. To make matters worse, electric cars don’t have starters at all. So service technicians have to figure out alternative ways of installing their interlock device to disrupt the car’s starting system. This can require paying a dealership to provide information about the car’s internal makeup or even buying a hybrid car to use for research.

It’s no wonder so many interlock providers charge an additional fee to work on hybrid cars. The cost to master the service is so great. But at Monitech, we’re proud to say we’re capable of installing our device in any vehicle. Even better, we install our device in every vehicle at the same cost. That’s right. Not only will we do whatever it takes to install our device in your vehicle, we don’t penalize you for driving a car we’ve never worked on before. Installing an ignition interlock in your Prius costs the same as installing one in an Accord.

Keep an eye on our blog for more on what goes into installing interlock devices.

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