What’s an ignition interlock device?

  • A small breath analyzer that requires a clean, alcohol-free breath sample by a driver in order to start a vehicle.

What’s the purpose of the device?

  • Ignition interlocks are used across the nation as an alternative to license revocation.
  • When the law takes away individuals’ licenses for a substantial period of time, life as they know it becomes difficult (i.e. supporting a job, family and normal lifestyle).
  • Ignition interlocks are an alternative to revocation. They provide those convicted of a DWI with the opportunity to prove they can be responsible drivers again.
  • That’s why Monitech calls it the ‘road to redemption.’

Which drivers are required to have an ignition interlock device by N.C. law?

  • Those convicted of a DWI type offense with a 0.15 or higher BAC
  • Those with a prior DWI conviction or record required to drive an ignition interlock-equipped vehicle

How long are individuals required to have an ignition interlock device?

  • Terms range from one to 10 years depending on the number of convictions.
  • Driving a vehicle without the required device is illegal and will result in a revocation of all rights to drive for at least one additional year.

What’s the one thing an ignition interlock device is looking for?

  • Alcohol (also known as ethanol)

What’s required to start a car with an ignition interlock device?

  • A clean, alcohol free breath sample.

What steps are involved in the process?

  • A unique PIN to ensure that only the authorized driver is activating the test
  • A clean, alcohol-free breath sample
  • The driver must blow and hum continuously for eight seconds.
  • After a completed and successful breath test, the driver can start the vehicle.

What happens if the device detects alcohol?

  • If the device records a FAIL, a noncompliance report is sent to the DMV.

Can anything other than alcohol (ethanol) set off the device?

  • A FAIL can occur due to mouth contaminants.

What are examples of mouth contaminants?

  • Some foods and drinks other than beer, wine and liquor include alcohol type ingredients.

What should you do if your device detects a mouth contaminant?

  • If a driver consumes a mouth contaminant before activating the device, it will result in a WARN or FAIL.
  • The driver should wait five minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and retest.

By that time, any contaminant should have dissipated.

  • A second test will represent your accurate BAC.

What does the Monitech device look like?

How do I get more information about ignition interlock devices?

Visit: https://monitechnc.com/faqs/

N.C.’s Ignition Interlock History Part 1: How It all Got Started
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