In our last post, we laid out one of several costs that come along with having an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle other than the monthly fee. You see, in North Carolina, all ignition interlock providers charge about the same per month, right around $75. But there are several other costs that could arise in your time with an ignition interlock.


So we’re laying out these additional costs to help educate those looking for an ignition interlock provider. You deserve to have the best provider for you in terms of cost effectiveness and customer service. Don’t get lulled into choosing just any provider.


Associated Ignition Interlock Costs

Mechanic Override Costs: Let’s say that a few months after  receiving your ignition interlock device, your radiator springs a leak or your engine begins acting up. You wind up having to drop your vehicle off with a mechanic. In order for the mechanic to do work on your vehicle, he’s going to need a way to start the car and test things out without having to take a breath test each time. In order to do this, he’ll need an override code. This code is issued to mechanics by the ignition interlock provider. But it’s not free. The cost for this service varies among providers.


Service Calls: Service calls refer to on-site calls. If you’re having an issue with your device, and you’re unable to start your vehicle, some providers offer an on-site call service. They will send out a team of technicians to come assist you in your specific device issue. They’ll help get you back on the road. But not all providers offer this service.


Towing Service: If your provider does not offer on-site service calls, you’ll have to call a towing service to tow your vehicle to the nearest service center in the event you’re unable to start your vehicle due to an issue with your device.
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