Certain DUI offenses require you to have an ignition interlock on your vehicle. Those offenses don’t require you to stay in Arizona, however. Since motor vehicle laws are state laws, you might think that you can ditch your ignition interlock if you move out of Arizona. That is not the case, however. You must keep the ignition interlock wherever you move to.

Since 1960, states have been getting together to address the problem of those who would evade traffic laws by moving out of state. Since the 1990s, 45 states now agree to honor each other’s drunk driving violations and cooperate on penalties and consequences.  The agreement is known as the Interstate Drivers License Compact.

For Arizonans with an ignition interlock, this means that if you move out of state, you need to contact an authorized interlock provider in your new state that will provide the services that Arizona requires. Generally this isn’t difficult, as most states have the same requirements:

  • Installation by qualified personnel
  • Monitoring and reporting of interlock activity at regular intervals
  • Calibration of the device at regular intervals

The reports, which tell the authorities if you’ve failed any breath tests, or if the ignition interlock has been removed or tampered with, must be sent to the Arizona DOT. You can arrange for the reports to be sent when you have your device installed in your new state.

It’s important to remember that it is your responsibility, and no one else’s, to make sure that the reports reach Arizona. If they don’t, you’ll be deemed in violation of the terms of your DUI. That violation will also carry over into your new state, thanks to the Interstate Drivers License Compact.

The good news is that if you do make the proper arrangements, you’ll able to drive, safe and unimpaired, in your new state. Arizona wishes you well in your efforts on that score.

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