arizona-ignition-interlock-requirementMotor vehicle laws are state laws, so if you have an ignition interlock in your vehicle, it’s because a state court or DMV ordered it. If you’re leaving that state and moving to Arizona, you might be wondering if you can ditch your ignition interlock and start over.

The answer is no. You’ll have to install an Arizona-approved device once you establish residency in the state.

The reason is something called the Interstate Drivers License Compact. It was formed so that states could share information about driving-related offenses. One of its main functions is preventing drivers from escaping the consequences of those offenses by crossing state borders.

Here’s the important fact: when you have an ignition interlock, your drivers license is conditional. Unless you complete your ignition interlock requirement, your license will not be restored in your home state. And if it’s not restored there, you do not have driving privileges in other states either.

What to do when you move

First, you must check that you are permitted to move out of state – not all offenders in all states are allowed to.

If you are moving to Arizona, contact the Arizona Department of Transportation and find an approved ignition interlock provider, such as Monitech. They will help you do what is necessary to remain compliant.

Arizona is a beautiful state, one that attracts many new residents each year. You might want to leave all your troubles behind and move there, but you’ll need to bring along your interlock requirement – at least, until you can fulfil it and remove the device.

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