Labor day 2016 road fatalitiesNo, the National Safety Council did not issue a report advising people to hide under a rock this weekend. But it did announce a trend that might make Labor Day 2016 the most dangerous one yet on the nation’s roads.

The Council has discovered a worrying upward trend in road fatalities: up 9% from last year, and 18% from two years ago.

The main factors seems to be the stronger economy and lower gas prices: more people are able to take to the roads for recreation. Unfortunately, the roads haven’t gotten any larger or safer. That means that there will be a big squeeze on Labor Day weekend. More cars, more collisions, more injuries, and more deaths.

How to Buck the Stats and Keep Safe on Labor Day

If you must drive on the holiday weekend – and we can see why you’d want to get away, we really do – here are a few precautions that will help you make it there and back in one piece:

  • Don’t drink and drive. Designate a sober driver for every leg of your trip, and make sure that he or she sticks to the agreement.
  • Watch distractions, the number 1 killer. Don’t text or talk on a cellphone while driving.
  • Buckle up. It sounds like a no-brainer, but apparently it’s brain surgery to some people. Educate them, and don’t pull out of the parking spot till everyone is buckled.
  • Don’t drive while tired. It can be as bad as driving drunk.
  • Watch other drivers who are disobeying all these rules.

Have a great weekend, and let us know how it went. Unless you chose to hide under the rock.

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