You don’t need another reason to play golf, but here’s one anyway: you’ll be supporting efforts to reduce drunk driving in North Carolina.

Emily’s Plea is an organization dedicated to saving lives by educating people on the dangers of drinking and driving. It was founded by Chuck and Becky Kennedy in memory of their daughter Emily May, who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 24.

The organization is holding its sixth annual golf tournament at the Holly Ridge Golf Links in Archdale on Saturday, October 3rd.

The entry fees will help support the organization’s efforts, which include talks and educational events at high schools, courthouses and governmental agencies, and they support and sponsor other events to aid the cause.

One of the tasks that Emily’s Plea has taken on is speaking to people who have been charged with various traffic offenses, to make them aware of the risks they are taking and the lives they are endangering. “We don’t just deal with alcohol – we talk about cellphones, seat belts, speeding,” says Becky Kennedy. “They save on fines and court costs by taking our classes.” And they learn why they need to take more care in their driving.

Emily’s Plea is affiliated with the Crash Prevention Network of North Carolina.

Becky Kennedy is also a chairperson for Compassionate Friends, a group which provides support for parents who have suffered the death of a child.

“When I’m speaking, I’ll usually finish by telling young people that I don’t want to meet their parents.”

Here is where you can find details and register for the Sixth Annual Emily May Invitational Golf Tournament

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