Driving without an ignition interlock in North Carolina is an offense

Driving Without an Interlock in NC? You’ve Got a Target on Your Back.

If you’ve been ordered to install in ignition interlock in your vehicle because of a North Carolina DWI, you might be tempted to blow it off and keep driving without one. Why?

  • It costs money
  • It’s inconvenient – you need to install it, use it, and have it monitored
  • You can’t drink and drive- what’s the fun in that?

In fact, these reasons don’t cut it. If you haven’t installed your mandated ignition interlock (car breathalyzer) in North Carolina, you’ve got a target on your back. Your best bet is to comply right away, for a number of reasons.

Legally, driving without an interlock is the same as driving without a license. In fact, it is driving without a license: the ignition interlock is the condition that validates your driver’s license, and if it’s not present, you might as well not have one at all. You’re committing a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries stiff penalites:

  1. License revocation for year.  Second offense, two years, and if it’s your third, then your license is permanently revoked. Of course, since you’re already driving without a license, this might not scare you. So consider the other penalties, such as:
  2. Jail time. Subject to the court’s decision.
  3. Fines. Also court-determined, but chances are it will make the ignition interlock seem cheap by comparison.
  4. No drinking at all. As the original offense was for impaired driving, you may be ordered to abstain from alcohol entirely for three months – a continuous alcohol monitoring device would be used to ensure that you never drink. All the interlock did was keep you from driving drunk.
  5. It goes on your driving record. Forget about saving 15% on car insurance. You’ll be paying through the nose.

Remember also that if you’re driving without your ignition interlock, you are uninsured – even if your premium is paid up. You won’t be covered if you get in an accident, so even a minor fender bender could set you back thousands. A major  crash could financially destroy you – and someone else – forever.

Driving without your interlock? It just isn’t worth it. Make the call now and get right with the law.

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