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Not much shopping time left before Christmas. If you’re still looking for gifts for your friends, and the Bluetooth-enabled coffee cup doesn’t grab you, here’s one to consider: give them the gift of a designated driver. Specifically, a gift certificate good for one sober ride home after a night of partying.

This gift has a lot going for it:

  • It’s free.
  • It shows you care about your friends.
  • You can have a great time on the night they cash in the gift.
  • You’ll feel great the next morning with no hangover.

There’s no downside, although you really can’t drink alcohol on night your friend selects. But the peace of mind and freedom you’re giving him or her is well worth it.

How to Give a Night of Designated Driving

The easiest way to give your DD gift is to download and print this gift certificate. Fill it out and present to your friend, (or friends – it costs $0 no matter how many you give). Your friend will be touched by your generosity, we guarantee it.

On the night, there’s not much to know. Just:

  • Show up sober.
  • Stay sober – don’t drink any alcohol at all. There are 364 other nights in the year for that if you wish, but tonight’s the sober night, and your friends are depending on you.
  • Get your friend (or friends) home safely. That’s it – you’re the hero.

The first two points are important: there have been studies showing that designated drivers do not always stick to their plan – often they drink, but because they are less drunk than the rest of the crowd, they think they’re able to drive. If your gift is to have meaning, you need to do the right thing and avoid alcohol.

So consider a DD certificate – fast, free, and guaranteed to be well-received by your party-loving friends. And be safe this holiday season.

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