A lot has happened this year. And if you care about drunk driving, you had a lot to think about. At Monitech we’ve been thinking about it too.

We’ve been thinking about all the unintended consequences of drunk driving.  And how things like a lack of sleep can cause students to drive drunk, and why women have it tougher in general in the battle to keep from driving while impaired.

We’ve been thinking about the victims of drunk driving, including controversies about roadside memorials. We talked about how low gas prices equaled more drunk driving deaths.

In trying to keep drivers sober, we delved into the psychology of drunk drivers, and the physiology of drinking and driving.

And then, we were writing about self-driving cars, because everyone was.

We covered a lot of ignition interlock topics, of course. How you can’t fool them. How to explain them away to your date. And why they work to reduce drunk driving deaths.

But mostly, we tried to get the idea across that drunk driving is a really bad idea. It takes some 10,000 American lives each year, and injures many times more than that. It costs the offender a lot, and costs the taxpayer big time as well.

This year, we hope you enjoy safe, sober driving. Keep reading, and keep in touch.

Happy New Year from Monitech Ignition Interlock

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