We’re the first to admit that having an ignition interlock takes a bit of getting used to, though the most advanced devices are designed to be accurate and easy to use. At the very least, you’re adding a new habit – the breath test – to the ritual of driving a car.

Some people wonder what happens if you’re out in traffic, and for some reason, your vehicle stalls. Will you be forced to stop and take a breath test out in the middle of an intersection, while people honk at you?

Stall Protection to the Rescue

The answer is no. If you’re using a Monitech ignition interlock, you have built-in stall protection. If you stall the device gives you two minutes to re-start the vehicle before you have to take a test. That’s plenty of time to get going again.

With a Monitech ignition interlock device, the procedure is simple. If you stall, just turn the ignition switch off and then start the car as you normally would. Even if you stalled during a test request – while the device was requesting a rolling re-test – you can still start after a stall.

Keeping You on the Road

Stall protection is an example of a feature which helps Monitech ignition interlocks do what they’re designed to do – keep you rolling. Once you’ve regained your driving privileges, an ignition interlock isn’t there to prevent you from driving – it’s there to make sure you stay on the road, safely, legally, and a hundred percent sober – every day.

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