Quite often the question comes up from North Carolina drivers who are required to use an ignition interlock, or car breathalyzer.

I got a DUI a while back and am required to have an ignition interlock in my car. If I move to another state, can I remove the interlock?

A North Carolina DUI follows you to other states

Moving? Expect to see your ignition interlock in your rear view mirror?

The likelihood of a “no” answer is 88%. That’s because 44 out of 50 states, North Carolina included, are members of the Interstate Drivers License Compact. The Compact is an agreement between states to share information about certain driving-related offenses, including drunk driving offenses.

So if you’re required to have an interlock in North Carolina, the other states will be notified. If you drive into a state that has a similar ignition interlock requirement, you’ll need to have your interlock as well.

Which states are part of the Compact? It’s easier to list the ones that are not:

  • Georgia
  • Wisconsin
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Tennessee

Nevada is also technically not a member of the compact, though if you try to ditch your interlock device there, other state regulations will kick in, so that state is no sanctuary for North Carolina convicted DUIs.

The IDLC was started for the obvious reason – too many drivers were moving out of state to escape onerous restrictions that resulted from convictions for DUI, reckess driving, and using a vehicle in the commission of a felony. It’s an excellent example of states cooperating toward a common goal of keeping roads safe.

So wherever you’re going, the chances are pretty good that there are state laws waiting there to keep you safe and sober on the road.

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